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Cocoon Fire Blanket Review- Know How To Use and Features

Fire casualties are not uncommon in homes in the USA. Infact facts and figures show that almost 79% casualties from fire occur in homes only. As per information from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are five causes of a home fire. These include heating, lighting equipment, electrical distribution, cooking and fire setting and smoking materials. Cooking is the most common cause of fire in homes, while smoking materials contribute to the number of casualties.

The kitchen is one of the most commonplace where a fire breakout takes place. It might happen that while cooking, the stove gets ignited by the grease fire. In many homes fire extinguishers are present but it is important to know to operate the same.

In such moments of crisis, Cocoon Fire safety blanket can be of great use. With the help of this blanket, the flames can be smothered and you can act really quickly to douse the flames.

What is Cocoon Fire safety blanket?

It is quite evident from the name that Cocoon Fire safety blanket is a blanket which helps during fire breakout in homes etc. It helps in dousing the flames and puts off the fire effectively in a short span of time. The blanket has to be kept in a convenient place in the kitchen or near the electrical equipment where there is high risk of fire. In case you need the blanket, it can be brought to action immediately with this setup. The blanket is light in weight and easy to carry as well.

How to use Cocoon Fire safety blanket

Using the Cocoon Fire safety blanket is very simple.

If it is possible, turn off the heat source. Now pull out the blanket from the packaging. The system is done in such a manner that it takes seconds for pulling out the blanket from the cover. Hold the blanket in front of you. Now the top edges of the blanket have to be wrapped around the hands to prevent burning and sleeves should be rolled up as well. Place the blanket on the fire gently from the closest edge. Never throw the blanket on the fire. Let the blanket be there for 15-30 minutes till the whole flame is extinguished.

Benefits of Cocoon Fire safety blanket

  • It helps in blocking heat effectively. Prevents burns and reduces smoke.
  • It offers fast and easy protection as it is lightweight and highly functional.
  • It helps in cutting off the oxygen supply and stops the fire from spreading.
  • No maintenance is needed for the blanket even after use.

Price and money-back guarantee of Cocoon Fire safety blanket

Cocoon Fire safety blanket comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and full refund of the amount is ensured if you don’t like the product.

Buy Cocoon Fire safety blanket

In order to purchase a Cocoon Fire safety blanket, visit the official website of the product and place an online order for the same.


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